Justin DeKoszmovszky

Justin DeKoszmovszky



Justin has spent fifteen years advising, supporting and driving change within leading corporations to align profit and sustainability. From 2004 to 2014, Justin lead sustainability strategy within large multi-national corporations, SC Johnson and PUMA, leading the shift towards sustainable, circular and equitable business models. At OVO, Justin lead sustainability in a dynamic scale-up environment (owner/founder lead, triple-digit growth) by 1) supporting and shaping a “culture of responsibility”, 2) combining impact and value-creation in OVO’s products and services and 3) delivering operational sustainability and savings.

As co-founder and Chief Impact Officer, Justin is now focused on INBONIS as a purpose-driven supporter of small businesses (€100K – €3M annual revenue) offering simple and fast working capital loans. INBONIS’ core strategy is that small business is an overlooked and under-served sector with unique and critical potential for significant economic, social and environmental impact.

Justin earned his MBA from Cornell University in 2006 with a concentration in sustainable enterprise.

Specialties: Sustainable Enterprise Strategy, Base of the Pyramid Business Development, Innovation for Sustainability, Inclusive Markets, Creative Capitalism, Sustainable Supply Chain, Corporate Sustainability, Integrating Sustainability into business operations, values and strategy, Sustainability as Strategic and Competitive Advantage, Consumer Engagement.Employee Engagement