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Alberto Sanchez-Navalpotro

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INBONIS is the first lending company for small businesses recommended by their peers. We serve our clients with fast and transparent working capital loans. We operate in Spain & are a leading social innovator

INBONIS gives access to investors to a high-yield and liquid asset class unavailable via traditional financial institutions

In order to manage risks and deliver superior customer experience, INBONIS has developed REFOCALTM that

  • analyses >300 data points from 25 sources to provide risk-based pricing
  • enables 12-minute application and 48-hour underwriting

REFOCAL goes beyond financial and credit bureau analysis and measures the trust generated by a small business owner within its business community

INBONIS is led by Alberto Sanchez Navalpotro (ex-PE investor at Gravitation), Justin DeKoszmovszky (ex-sustainability head at PUMA) and Antonio Alcalde (ex-BBVA chief risk officer for Spain & Portugal). Advisory Board is composed of Charles Beigbeder, Gert Pregel and Elena Gomez del Pozuelo